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Groundwork: Making Me a Better Human

Groundwork is a great chance to develop the relationship with our horse. While just hanging out and getting to know the horse in his daily life and his interaction with other horses is the absolute foundation, groundwork is a more goal oriented communication.  There… Continue Reading “Groundwork: Making Me a Better Human”

Thoughts about Leading

The other day I observed a young woman and her horse. She took it out of the (sandy) paddock and walked towards the stables. She marched in front, chatting with her friend who groomed her horse some meters away, and didn’t look much at… Continue Reading “Thoughts about Leading”

Meet My New Horse!

This is Langdyssegaards Minor, or Minor for short, 4 years old pure bred Frederiksborg horse. I found him in Denmark this spring while I was a working student for Bent Branderup. His breeder is Lene Dursben, one of the best and biggest breeders of Frederiksborg… Continue Reading “Meet My New Horse!”

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