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The Seat in the Academic Art of Riding: Physical Seat, Statical Seat and Half-Halts

Academic Art of Riding

In the academic art of riding, we distinguish between the physical seat and the statical seat. The physical seat is the area in which the rider and horse connect, where you touch the horse with your thighs, upper legs, bottom. The physical seat moves…

Horizontal Balance

On the way to collection there is horizontal balance. The horse goes from it’s natural balance to shifting more weight to the hind legs and becoming more free in the shoulders. If you imagine an old fashioned scale, then the scale is about equal….

What is collection?

Last days I have thought a lot about this. Let me tell you a little anecdote that brought me a step closer to understanding collection:   When I was a working student at Bent Branderup’s place, he was talking about collection with one of…

Clinic with Marius Schneider in Warsaw, 22.-23. April 2017

I still owe you the photos from our wonderful course with Marius Schneider, 22.-23.04.2017!!! First of all thank you so much Marius for coming to us ❤ I know you have more requests for courses than you have weekends, so I really really appreciate…

Working Student for Bent Branderup… Part 2

From 8-24th of August I helped out as a working student at Bent Branderup’s place in Denmark. And I fell in love with a pony.   On a holiday in Denmark, me and my husband took the opportunity to attend Bent’s public evening on…

The Art of Riding

What is the art of riding? – And why do we ride? From 12-13th of September, Bent Branderup gave a clinic at Gestüt Moorhof, where I was a working student. This time, Bent’s theory lectures and the riding lessons focused on the different ways of…

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