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Improving Canter

Having canter problems? Read how I’m helping Frisian-mix Weto improve his canter on the lunge. I love my horse’s canter. It’s like sitting on a rocking chair. The transition from trot is smooth and he is easy to control at all times. TataTAM, TataTAM….

Close Your Eyes and Feel: Training Day with Marius Schneider

Before Christmas I had my first training day with Marius Schneider, a licensed Bent Branderup Trainer in the Academic Art of Riding. My short summary: just WOW. So farĀ I’ve been studying the Academic Art of Riding from books and online video courses, but of…

How Can We Help Horses to Get Over Traumatic Experiences?

A question that I have asked myself lately. Since my own horse is still recovering from surgery, my friend has kindly allowed me to work with her horse, Weto, a beautiful half-Frisian. I know Weto for more than a year. He is very kind,…

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