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How Can We Help Horses to Get Over Traumatic Experiences?

A question that I have asked myself lately. Since my own horse is still recovering from surgery, my friend has kindly allowed me to work with her horse, Weto, a beautiful half-Frisian. I know Weto for more than a year. He is very kind,…

The Magical Quick-Fix for Every Problematic Horse Behaviour!

Silly headline, I know. But sometimes it seems to me that this is exactly what many horse owners are looking for. This one magical advise, a horsemanship trick that works for¬†every problem. I’m afraid the exact opposite is the case. Educating a horse, or…

Horse Personality: What Does Your Horse Like?

Horses have quite unique characters. Just like us, they have likes and dislikes, their routines, quirks and eccentricities. It is part of forming a relationship with your horse that you get to know¬†these character traits. Probably the easiest place to start is finding out…

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