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Thoughts about Leading

The other day I observed a young woman and her horse. She took it out of the (sandy) paddock and walked towards the stables. She marched in front, chatting with her friend who groomed her horse some meters away, and didn’t look much at… Continue Reading “Thoughts about Leading”

Working Student for Bent Branderup… Part 2

From 8-24th of August I helped out as a working student at Bent Branderup’s place in Denmark. And I fell in love with a pony.   On a holiday in Denmark, me and my husband took the opportunity to attend Bent’s public evening on… Continue Reading “Working Student for Bent Branderup… Part 2”

The Magical Quick-Fix for Every Problematic Horse Behaviour!

Silly headline, I know. But sometimes it seems to me that this is exactly what many horse owners are looking for. This one magical advise, a horsemanship trick that works for every problem. I’m afraid the exact opposite is the case. Educating a horse, or… Continue Reading “The Magical Quick-Fix for Every Problematic Horse Behaviour!”

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