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Pressure and Release vs. Fear-Induced Reactions in Horse Training

Pressure and release

In my training, I use pressure and release technique (negative reinforcement) as well as positive reinforcement. In this article, I would like to discuss my own understanding of pressure and release. I once had a conversation with someone who told me, my horses don’t…

The Seat in the Academic Art of Riding: Physical Seat, Statical Seat and Half-Halts

Academic Art of Riding

In the academic art of riding, we distinguish between the physical seat and the statical seat. The physical seat is the area in which the rider and horse connect, where you touch the horse with your thighs, upper legs, bottom. The physical seat moves…

I See You Now

Bee and the horse

You might have noticed that it was a bit quiet around Nazir and I lately. That’s because I had almost given up. If you have followed my journey, you know that looking for a way how to work with Nazir, and him being totally…

Respecting Your Friend

Respect in horsemanship

In the last few days I noticed that Weto was a bit absent minded. Usually he is very focused, and when he is not, that always tells me that something is slightly off. Now when I say Weto seems absent minded, then other people…

Horizontal Balance

On the way to collection there is horizontal balance. The horse goes from it’s natural balance to shifting more weight to the hind legs and becoming more free in the shoulders. If you imagine an old fashioned scale, then the scale is about equal….

You Have to Be Brave Before You Can Become Good

I get many questions by riders who would like advise on how to improve their riding or groundwork. At the same time, many of them seem to focus more on limiting conditions than on what is possible. And it is really true: if you…

Why don’t you sell your horse?

…is a question I get every now and again from friends and students. What they all refer to is the fact that Nazir cannot be “used” like other horses. Due to his past and also his physical condition, he simply cannot be trained like…

What is collection?

Last days I have thought a lot about this. Let me tell you a little anecdote that brought me a step closer to understanding collection:   When I was a working student at Bent Branderup’s place, he was talking about collection with one of…

The Power of Praise

The power of praise can not be overestimated! Horses will go out of their way if they feel your honest appreciation and love. Etienne Beudant said “„Demand little, repeat often, praise a lot!“. How can we understand this? First, “demand little” does not mean…

Checklist: Does Your Stable Have a Good Atmosphere?

It’s all about the vibe. Ever since I have moved my horses to a different stable, I learned that a good atmosphere is worth gold. An equestrian centre can have the perfect facilities and yet you can feel a certain tension in the air….

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