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Do you know your horse’s calming signals and stress signs?

Calming signals and language signs horses

Being able to see what state of mind the horse is in during training is an essential and actually very basic skill. A skill that’s not reserved for horse whisperers or famous horsemen. It can be learned, just like everything else to do with…

But What About Endurance Horses?

When discussing wrongdoing in the dressage world, there always seems to be this one argument: “But what about endurance horses? They suffer much more!” Yes, the number of dead horses in endurance make me shudder, too. Also the dead racehorses. Or that about 40%…

My Own Little Stable

As some of you might have noticed, we changed places yet again. This time I hope it’s going to be for longer, because I have rented a little stable myself. Together with my friend Anna, we were already on the lookout for a suitable…

About the Latest Dressage Scandal Involving the FEI No Blood Rule

I have been thinking now for two days about the latest competition dressage scandal due to the application of the FEI blood rule. My thoughts are, in no particular order: The FEI dressage is a faulty system that promotes incorrect riding. The horses have…

Meet My New Horse!

This is Langdyssegaards Minor, or Minor for short, 4 years old pure bred Frederiksborg horse. I found him in Denmark this spring while I was a working student for Bent Branderup. His breeder is Lene Dursben, one of the best and biggest breeders of Frederiksborg…

Pressure and Release vs. Fear-Induced Reactions in Horse Training

Pressure and release

In my training, I use pressure and release technique (negative reinforcement) as well as positive reinforcement. In this article, I would like to discuss my own understanding of pressure and release. I once had a conversation with someone who told me, my horses don’t…

The Seat in the Academic Art of Riding: Physical Seat, Statical Seat and Half-Halts

Academic Art of Riding

In the academic art of riding, we distinguish between the physical seat and the statical seat. The physical seat is the area in which the rider and horse connect, where you touch the horse with your thighs, upper legs, bottom. The physical seat moves…

I See You Now

Bee and the horse

You might have noticed that it was a bit quiet around Nazir and I lately. That’s because I had almost given up. If you have followed my journey, you know that looking for a way how to work with Nazir, and him being totally…

Respecting Your Friend

Respect in horsemanship

In the last few days I noticed that Weto was a bit absent minded. Usually he is very focused, and when he is not, that always tells me that something is slightly off. Now when I say Weto seems absent minded, then other people…

Horizontal Balance

On the way to collection there is horizontal balance. The horse goes from it’s natural balance to shifting more weight to the hind legs and becoming more free in the shoulders. If you imagine an old fashioned scale, then the scale is about equal….

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