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Respecting Your Friend

Respect in horsemanship

In the last few days I noticed that Weto was a bit absent minded. Usually he is very focused, and when he is not, that always tells me that something is slightly off. Now when I say Weto seems absent minded, then other people…

Thoughts about Respect and Horse Training

There is a lot of talk about RESPECT in the horse world. Mainly, that the horse needs to respect the human. For many, respect is the magic ingredient that makes everything else possible. If you have the horse’s respect, then communication and training comes…

Do Horses Have a Sense of Humour?

  When I cleaned one of the paddocks yesterday, my horse stood some 20 meters behind me and snoozed. Suddenly, something poked my right shoulder. I turned to the right and didn’t see anything. I looked to the left, and there stood Nazir. Not only…

Horses and Human Language

Picture this: A person whose language you don’t speak (let’s call him ‘A’) takes you by the hand and leads you into a shop. There he stops you, says something to you (which you don’t understand). You begin to notice that you’ve walked into…

The Magical Quick-Fix for Every Problematic Horse Behaviour!

Silly headline, I know. But sometimes it seems to me that this is exactly what many horse owners are looking for. This one magical advise, a horsemanship trick that works for every problem. I’m afraid the exact opposite is the case. Educating a horse, or…

Horse Personality: What Does Your Horse Like?

Horses have quite unique characters. Just like us, they have likes and dislikes, their routines, quirks and eccentricities. It is part of forming a relationship with your horse that you get to know these character traits. Probably the easiest place to start is finding out…

Suddenly, the Horse Said “Yes”

Last two days, something remarkable has happened with Nazir: he suddenly said “yes”. Let me explain… When I got Nazir, he wasn’t really motivated to do anything except eating. Didn’t like lunging, groundwork, riding. Mostly, it was really hard to motivate him to do anything…

Herd Dynamics, Hierarchy and Behavior

Originally posted on Considering The Horse.:
Our friends at The Pegasus Project Horse Rescue in East Texas recently took these photos. The horse on the right has never had an opportunity to interact with other horses. This series of photos show the gelding’s first…

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