Do Horses Have a Sense of Humour?


When I cleaned one of the paddocks yesterday, my horse stood some 20 meters behind me and snoozed. Suddenly, something poked my right shoulder. I turned to the right and didn’t see anything. I looked to the left, and there stood Nazir. Not only did he creep up on me (you usually hear 650kg walking on mud…), he also fooled me… I’m slowly convinced that my horse has a sense of humour. Are your horses playing tricks on you?

5 Comments on “Do Horses Have a Sense of Humour?

  1. haha my Marble is a stealth ninja, she always sneak up on me and I never hear her coming 😉

  2. Absolutely! My Thoroughbred, Captain Jack Sparrow, is pure pirate. He will quietly walk up behind me if I am cleaning the paddock or barn, wait for the wheelbarrow to be filled, then lift a handle and tip it over; he has done this many times. He will lift a jolly ball and swing it around playfully, and even throw it — but if you produce a camera, he just stares at the ball, blankly, and will not pick it up.
    If I go out the pasture to bring him in, he may walk beside me — no halter, or he may stand and wait for me to put the halter on.
    However if I try to halter him right away, he will grab the nosepiece between his teeth and hold on to it fast — to that I cannot put the halter on. Then, when I can remove the halter, he will stand there quietly while I just slip the lead around his neck; with only the lead, he will walk beside me.
    At other times, when I put the halter on, he will pick up the lead in his mouth as if to say, “I’ll lead myself”. He ‘talks’ to me all the time — one only has to listen. One day I could not get him to trot on the halter, he would only walk. I removed the halter, and ‘trotted’ off myself, saying, “Come along, Jack!” He followed me and then caught up at the trot, trotting beside me merrily, with a playful air.

    He is always gentle and well-mannered, he just lets me know when I need to back off and trust him. Then, we have a strong bond.

  3. Here’s another one: staring intensely at the horizon and trying to steal treats from my pocket when I turn to have a look what’s going on 😉

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