Warm Days in January (Stable Zen 4)

You know you live in Poland when you’re calling five degrees Celsius warm

With the weather turning colder again, I want to share some pictures I took last week on a sunny, warm January day. We’re having a mild winter this year, more rain than snow, and last week it even felt like spring might be around the corner.

It’s interesting to see how differently the horses reacted to the mild temperatures. Nazir loves to snooze in the sun, collecting the warmth like a reptile. He could do that all day.

Nazir snoozing

We went for a short walk and searched for some grass bunches (found some…).

We found some grass...

Then I cleaned up the paddock a bit. For some strange reason, Nazir loves to “help” me with that. He carries the tools around, tries to push the wheelbarrow, checks that I don’t miss a spot.

Nazir helping

Nazir helping

Of course he got tired after so much work…

So much work...

…and had to snooze again.

Mhm, more sun...

Weto, on the other hand, was quite lively, and I took him to the round pen. It was such a joy to see him jumping and squeaking and kicking!


and kicking

and kicking

He had a god roll and I was just happy that I didn’t have to clean him…

oh boy...

Then it was time to bring the horses in for lunch.

Way home

As they were munching their hay, I took a short walk with the dogs to enjoy the sunlight. Days like these really fill up my batteries.


warm sun in January

Of course, the days are still short. I can’t wait until spring is here!

short days



5 Comments on “Warm Days in January (Stable Zen 4)

  1. Poland looks beautiful! Its cold in Kansas too!

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