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Teaching new aids according to the type of horse

When teaching our horses, we have to consider their character. My horse Weto is a rather slow thinking horse and needs time to process. When I expect a too quick answer, he tends to shut down and get stressed. He also forgets things which… Continue Reading “Teaching new aids according to the type of horse”

Thoughts About the Need to Be Right and Violence

In his book “The Power of Now”, Eckhart Tolle writes: “The need to be right is a form of violence.” I’m not someone who is big on sharing quotes. Just because something resonates with me doesn’t mean it resonates with you, and then it’s… Continue Reading “Thoughts About the Need to Be Right and Violence”

Just because we can, does it mean we should?

We all know that we can teach horses all kinds of things. Personally, when I teach something to my horses, I ask myself why I teach it and what it can be useful for.  As a simple example, let’s take a hindquarter disengage. I… Continue Reading “Just because we can, does it mean we should?”

Groundwork: Making Me a Better Human

Groundwork is a great chance to develop the relationship with our horse. While just hanging out and getting to know the horse in his daily life and his interaction with other horses is the absolute foundation, groundwork is a more goal oriented communication.  There… Continue Reading “Groundwork: Making Me a Better Human”

Buying a cavesson? Here is my advice.

Most riders understand the need for a well-fitting saddle, but when it comes to cavessons, “anything goes” quite often seems to be the motto. In the following post, I write about why it pays out to invest in a good quality cavesson and I… Continue Reading “Buying a cavesson? Here is my advice.”

The importance of creating aids for longing

One of the smartest things you can do for your training is spending a lot of time on the groundwork and riding aids.  When we don’t establish these aids well, we get to a “reactive” kind of riding, where we push a little here… Continue Reading “The importance of creating aids for longing”

Accepting the Character of Your Horse

For me, the secret for a good relationship with a horse is a bit like the one for a good marriage: you accept each other the way you are.  You meet the (wo)man of your dreams, you fall in love, you get married, you… Continue Reading “Accepting the Character of Your Horse”

Do you know your horse’s calming signals and stress signs?

Calming signals and language signs horses

Being able to see what state of mind the horse is in during training is an essential and actually very basic skill. A skill that’s not reserved for horse whisperers or famous horsemen. It can be learned, just like everything else to do with… Continue Reading “Do you know your horse’s calming signals and stress signs?”

I See You Now

Bee and the horse

You might have noticed that it was a bit quiet around Nazir and I lately. That’s because I had almost given up. If you have followed my journey, you know that looking for a way how to work with Nazir, and him being totally… Continue Reading “I See You Now”

Respecting Your Friend

Respect in horsemanship

In the last few days I noticed that Weto was a bit absent minded. Usually he is very focused, and when he is not, that always tells me that something is slightly off. Now when I say Weto seems absent minded, then other people… Continue Reading “Respecting Your Friend”

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