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Is Your Cup Full?

I find that I mostly meet two kinds of students: the ones whose “cup is full”, and the ones whose “cup is empty”. You probably know that zen story about the master who keeps pouring tea into the cup of his prospective student, and… Continue Reading “Is Your Cup Full?”

Another Horse Adventure. Off to Marius Schneider!

In a few days I will start another internship, this time at Marius Schneider’s place Gestüt Moorhof in Germany. It all happened very fast! Last days, I thought a lot about how to continue, how to learn more, how to gain enough knowledge and… Continue Reading “Another Horse Adventure. Off to Marius Schneider!”

Suddenly, the Horse Said “Yes”

Last two days, something remarkable has happened with Nazir: he suddenly said “yes”. Let me explain… When I got Nazir, he wasn’t really motivated to do anything except eating. Didn’t like lunging, groundwork, riding. Mostly, it was really hard to motivate him to do anything… Continue Reading “Suddenly, the Horse Said “Yes””

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