Another Horse Adventure. Off to Marius Schneider!

In a few days I will start another internship, this time at Marius Schneider’s place Gestüt Moorhof in Germany.

It all happened very fast! Last days, I thought a lot about how to continue, how to learn more, how to gain enough knowledge and skills so I can start teaching others.

I wrote an email to Marius in which I applied for an intership, even a short one, saying I can be spontaneous and fill in if one of his interns should get sick. I immediately got an answer: They need someone right now!

So, after talking to my husband (of course…), I said yes. Yipppieehh!!
I even have the option to leave Nazir at home and learn on a school horse. I think this is a great idea. Maybe you remember how upset Nazir was to be away from home. Knowing that he is safely at home I can, hopefully, concentrate better and learn more. It is also a great occasion to ride very well educated horses. So I’m leaving him here for now, I can still get him later. It’s not sure yet how long I will stay, Marius’ secretary said that I should just come and see how I like it. If I do, I have the option to stay until the end of October.

I’m gonna go packing now and I leave you with this video of Marius:


P.S.: I promise to write some posts this time and keep you updated!




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