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Buying a cavesson? Here is my advice.

Most riders understand the need for a well-fitting saddle, but when it comes to cavessons, “anything goes” quite often seems to be the motto. In the following post, I write about why it pays out to invest in a good quality cavesson and I… Continue Reading “Buying a cavesson? Here is my advice.”

Reaction vs Response

Whether a horse is reacting or responding to an aid actually makes a big difference in our training. During my first internship at Bent Branderup’s, Christofer Dahlgren spoke to us one evening about the difference between reaction and response, an idea which changed my… Continue Reading “Reaction vs Response”

Working Student for Bent Branderup… Part 2

From 8-24th of August I helped out as a working student at Bent Branderup’s place in Denmark. And I fell in love with a pony.   On a holiday in Denmark, me and my husband took the opportunity to attend Bent’s public evening on… Continue Reading “Working Student for Bent Branderup… Part 2”

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