Groundwork: Making Me a Better Human

Groundwork is a great chance to develop the relationship with our horse. While just hanging out and getting to know the horse in his daily life and his interaction with other horses is the absolute foundation, groundwork is a more goal oriented communication. 

There is so much in it that one can fill whole books about the benefit of groundwork! Of course, the physical and mental development of the horse is an important part. However, while doing groundwork, many of us will discover that it is actually most beneficial for ourselves. 

It might sound strange, but because of doing groundwork, and really being open for the learning experience of it, we actually become better riders. Because we learn to see, to listen, and to feel. 

We school our eye to see good movements and the effects of the aids that we give. We train our hand to feel into the horse, to give messages and to hear the answer. Eventually we will feel the movement and the communication with our whole being, we will be able to use our body and energy in very subtle ways and we will experience the power of mental pictures. 

Groundwork is what made me a better horse woman: more humble, more capable, more empathetic, more aware, more knowing. And every day, there is a new discovery.

Foto by Agnieszka Gułczyńska

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