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Pressure and Release vs. Fear-Induced Reactions in Horse Training

Pressure and release

In my training, I use pressure and release technique (negative reinforcement) as well as positive reinforcement. In this article, I would like to discuss my own understanding of pressure and release. I once had a conversation with someone who told me, my horses don’t…

Stretching Forward-Down: A Little Exercise with Big Effects

Stretching forward-down is probably one of the easiest and yet most useful exercises in horse training. The little exercise produces great results and can provide a good starting point for a human-equine relationship based on mutual trust, politeness, and cooperation. Most of us have…

Letting Go (Stable Zen Part 3)

Do you know the feeling when suddenly something changed in the relationship between you and your horse for the better and it’s hard to put into words? I’m just beginning to realize how much the last three months have changed things between me and Nazir….

Just Like the First Time…

Last Friday, I visited the stable after a two weeks break. I had spend ten days in a Buddhist Center at the foot of the German Alps. On my return, I experienced what I already knew from previous ‘breaks’: I smelled the horse smell again when…

True Horsemanship

A few days ago I received an invitation for a weekend course in natural horsemanship. Title: “Be a leader for your horse”. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Don’t we all want to be leaders for our horses? It has an air of success about it,…

It’s the Little Things…Some Thoughts on How We Train Our Horses

In the past two years I’ve spend a great amount of time teaching my horse the little things that make daily life a lot easier, such as standing still when I mount and having good feeding manners. Quite often we seem to expect that…

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