Just Like the First Time…

Last Friday, I visited the stable after a two weeks break. I had spend ten days in a Buddhist Center at the foot of the German Alps. On my return, I experienced what I already knew from previous ‘breaks’: I smelled the horse smell again when I got out of the car, was so extremely happy to have my own horse, nearly jumped for joy when I saw Nazir dozing on the paddock. I was just one happy horse owner.

Magic of the moment

I almost ran up to him, hugged him around the neck, and curiously enough, he let me get away with it; he usually hates this. He leaned his head on my shoulder, blew air on my neck. Maybe my happiness kind of infected him, maybe he was also glad that I’m back.

Every time I’m away for a week or two, it seems like a fresh start when I see Nazir again. All the little ‘arguments’ are forgotten, there are no expectations, no “I really need to practice these transitions” or “he should really lose some weight”. I don’t have a fixed plan, I’m only interested in how he is doing.

It’s like my senses are sharper, I feel his fur, I see the sunlight on his back.

sun on his fur  strands of mane

I took Nazir for a short ride outside. He responded to the lightest aids and seemed to almost read my thoughts. If you are a horse rider yourself, you know these magic moments when horse and human seem to be connected by a fine mental thread.

I would love to keep some of this freshness in every day life, not only when it comes to my horse. There should be a little bit of first time in everything we do, don’t you think?

hello there

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