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Building a good Basis: Thoughts About Education Steps

A horse’s (and rider’s) education should be build up step by step. We need a clear starting point from which we can add more and more details, so that we know where to begin and don’t just start in the middle. We also need a… Continue Reading “Building a good Basis: Thoughts About Education Steps”

Accepting the Character of Your Horse

For me, the secret for a good relationship with a horse is a bit like the one for a good marriage: you accept each other the way you are.  You meet the (wo)man of your dreams, you fall in love, you get married, you… Continue Reading “Accepting the Character of Your Horse”

I See You Now

Bee and the horse

You might have noticed that it was a bit quiet around Nazir and I lately. That’s because I had almost given up. If you have followed my journey, you know that looking for a way how to work with Nazir, and him being totally… Continue Reading “I See You Now”


Brrrrr it was cold today at the stable! -10 degrees. I had this great idea of taking my horse for a walk in the snow, but when I went to get him from the paddock, he looked at me like “Well, have fun!” So… Continue Reading “Wintertime!”

True Horsemanship

A few days ago I received an invitation for a weekend course in natural horsemanship. Title: “Be a leader for your horse”. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Don’t we all want to be leaders for our horses? It has an air of success about it,… Continue Reading “True Horsemanship”

Horses Playing in the Snow

Nothing much has been happening this week at the stable, so I’m posting some photos I took two weeks ago when there was still lots of snow. As it is getting warmer now, everything is rather muddy and dull, not worth taking the camera.… Continue Reading “Horses Playing in the Snow”

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