Horses Playing in the Snow

Nothing much has been happening this week at the stable, so I’m posting some photos I took two weeks ago when there was still lots of snow. As it is getting warmer now, everything is rather muddy and dull, not worth taking the camera.

I’m so glad that our horses get to stretch their legs everyday, doesn’t matter how dreadful the weather is. You just don’t do your horses a favour if you keep them stabled in winter, they really need the fresh air. Quite often it’s actually us that are cold and want to stay indoors in front of the fireplace and we transfer how we feel about the weather to our horses. Just have a look at my photos and see for yourself how much fun they actually have in the snow! At least some of them, Nazir didn’t want to run and play, although I tried to animate him by running up and down the fence, making all kinds of noises. He probably thought, “Now she’s totally bonkers…”.

Nazir has a blanket on in these photos. His leg had to be shaven for an ultrasound, and it was -12 degrees Celsius, which I thought was probably too cold to let him go out with a naked leg. He usually doesn’t wear a blanket in winter unless it’s pouring like crazy all day. I don’t shave him, I’m not showing him in competitions, and he doesn’t really sweat a lot during training. I never quite understood the logic of shaving horses and then putting blankets on them when they have this perfect natural protection. It might take longer to clean the teddy-fur, and I might have to spend some more time getting him dry after training, but hey, that’s again thinking about the human’s comfort and not the horse’s.

Hope you enjoy the photos  and thanks for stopping by!

Nazir and his friend Adler. I’m trying to make them run, and they’re like “Is she alright?”
His nickname is Spock. Have a guess why.
The winter paddocks
At least there is some action in the other group.
Snow is very multifunctional:
You can run through it…
…play in it…
…jump over it…
…roll in it…
…and run again.
Horses really love to be out in the snow.
Ah…the sun…
One of the stable’s dogs. Isn’t she adorable?

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