Academic Art of Riding at Liberty

When I work at liberty with Weto, I don’t want this to be “another thing to perfect”, if you know what I mean… 

Weto is a rather introverted horse, so at liberty, I encourage him to express himself. I don’t want to nag him with details, but I would rather that he is trying things, that he finds his inner “bad ass”. 

Often, the bending will not be correct or he will loose the support of one hind leg, but I don’t care very much. What is important for me is that he dares to do something and that he explores his body. 

Myself, I’m trained to see all the many details, so it’s also important for me to let go sometimes and focus more on my energy and expression. I find that work at liberty helps me with that. 

Here we played a bit with collection and forward, with tempo and rhythm. Thanks very much Anna for the great filming!

Do you like playing with your horses at liberty?

3 Comments on “Academic Art of Riding at Liberty

  1. Your video made me cry! He’s so gorgeous, and you both have such a lovely relationship! I only hope that my liberty can improve this coming year – I so very much want to play with my horses like you do! AWESOME! Thanks so much for sharing, Bee xx PS – absolutely love the music!

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