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Academic Art of Riding at Liberty

When I work at liberty with Weto, I don’t want this to be “another thing to perfect”, if you know what I mean…  Weto is a rather introverted horse, so at liberty, I encourage him to express himself. I don’t want to nag him… Continue Reading “Academic Art of Riding at Liberty”

Horsefulness Liberty Training Program by Karine Vandenborre

If you follow my blog you know that training my horse Nazir is not always a Sunday walk in the Park. By now, I know that I have sometimes failed to interpret his behaviour correctly in the past and that I would like to develop a… Continue Reading “Horsefulness Liberty Training Program by Karine Vandenborre”

Liberty: Only the Truth Remains

“Because, as a rule, the horse must take pleasure in his work. Otherwise, he and his rider will not be able to accomplish anything graceful.” Antoine de Pluvinel   Weto is a great horse for liberty training. He pays attention, reacts to my body… Continue Reading “Liberty: Only the Truth Remains”

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