What were your lessons in 2020? What are your goals for 2021?

Don’t be afraid, this is not another coaching -post. I believe you are absolutely capable of living your live well 😉 Too many of the post that are around try to make us feel as if we are lacking something, and they try to invoke a desire to get something. It’s just how we are wired as human beings, we always want something and social media can have a way of exploiting that.

So this is not what this is about. thought a bit about my goals for 2021 and thought I’ll write about it.

2020 was….well…different. I hope you all got through it well enough and that your loved ones are ok. If not, I’m sending you a hug and wish you really all the best, we will pass through this, somehow. 

My 2020 started quite promising, with many clinics planned, in Poland and abroad, until we went into lockdown in March and almost everything got cancelled. However, with the lack of “real life interaction”, new possibilities opened, as for example the international, online horse fair Fair to the Horse, in which I showed my work for the first time to a much wider audience. It was quite exciting to produce the films and get some new technical skills, and to get feedback from so many wonderful people. 

Whenever it was possible, I did have the occasional clinic though, and I met quite a few people who are really interested in the academic art and are very open to learn. I was super happy about that.

Luckily, I was able to spend another month in Denmark at Bent Branderup’s place during the summer. It’s such a gift to be a student and to get input from such a master. I consider myself so lucky! 

The lockdowns also meant that I was able to spend much more time with my husband, to have long breakfasts together and evenings with a glass of wine on the terrace. That I found incredible valuable and it made me realise how much we both were in work mode, all the time. I also loved to go for long walks with my sweet dog Emma. We explored the beautiful forest behind our house and also made long tours around the village.

Otherwise I enjoyed the time with my horses very much this year. With Weto, the work gets softer and softer, and he is slowly expanding his capabilities. Sometimes I feel he doesn’t trust his new abilities yet, so I’m waiting for him to find his inner super-horse 😉 Minor was in his first year of education, learning the aids from the ground, the side movements and start of collection. He is a very strong horse, both physically and mentally, and I’m glad he can let himself be guided by me more and more. Nazir and I had our best year so far. I was able to let go of a lot of things. Worries about his health, ideas about how we should work together. I made a new rule this year, that we only spend time together if we both want. It was the best decision. Sometimes we just hung out, sometimes we worked a bit. He is so happy to live in the open stable and I have never seen his eyes so shiny and joyful.

In general, the pandemic made me realise how fast I had become. How little time for just relaxing I allowed myself and how I held myself to an incredibly high standard when it came to work time. This year slowed me down a bit, and I like it. I want to try and take some of that into 2021, also when things will start to go “back to normal” again. I have this hope that not all things will go back to the way they were, be it in my own life or globally. When rebooting the economies, wouldn’t it be great to brake with some old ways and go greener, more family friendly and more compassionate? I think 2020 gave us an amazing chance to re-evaluate our habits and get some distance to ourselves and our actions, a luxury we don’t always have when life is busy.

For 2021, my biggest goal is to have more time for myself again. To meditate, allow for some emptiness and non-action, to give space for new ideas and let new projects arise. As more concrete goals, I want to expand my online offer for students, as I enjoy so much to connect with students from all around the world. 

I’m very curious about the development of some of my students this year, as I see a lot of potential and dedication there. I think that’s the biggest reward for a teacher, when the students are doing well 🙂

Of course I’m hoping that more live clinics will happen again, and I’m actually quite positive that they will, maybe not bouncing back 100%, but still more happening than in 2020. I still love the live teaching very much and the personal contact. Also to all those lovely horses that I get to meet. 

I love teaching live, even with all the great online possibilities.

Considering my work with own horses, I’m very positive about the next year, too. I know that Weto will overcome some of his limitations, I can sense it. I just need to give it a bit of time now and let the dressage work take its effect. 

Minor will become a riding horse this year, as we have now set the mental and physical conditions for that. In the first half of 2021, my focus will still be on longe work to improve his self-carriage, and in the second half of 2021 we’ll start to work from “up” 🙂 I see that Nazir is also ready to do more again, so I will do a more regular, gentle gymnastic program with him again. Always keeping in mind that he is allowed to just walk away and that we just spend a nice time together. That’s actually something I’m really looking forward to. With all three boys I want to do some more trails this year, as I always lacked time last years and my focus was on developing my dressage work. However, the area around the stables is so beautiful that I will have to go out more often.

Have you thought a bit about your 2021? Or are you afraid to make plans, with all the uncertainties that are around? I find that the days “between the years” are a great time to do that. It doesn’t have to be an exact plan, but some thinking ahead and feeling the energy of the new year is always good.

Maybe you would like to share how your 2020 was, or how you see yourself in 2021? I would be very interested 🙂

I wish you all the best for 2021! May your wishes come true und may you find the biggest possible happiness!

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