Can’t get no satisfaction?

At the moment my newsfeed is full of coaching tipps. How to reach your goals, how to make more money, how to improve yourself… There is a whole self-improvement industry and it seems to be doing very well. 

It’s in our human nature to want to reach goals and to always think into the future. We want to have more. Of everything 😉 We often think that “when I reach this goal, I will be happy”, or “when I move there, I will be happy”. Our mind is constantly producing the next thing. If we fail at this, we become depressed, because we feel like we are not good enough. 

Today was a rare day of sunshine and an almost spring-like feeling in the air. Since a long time, I was able to have a wonderful morning with the horses. A student of mine came over and I showed her a bit how I make hooves. My horses were calm, standing in the sun, enjoying the warmth. After my student was gone, I joined them for a bit and just felt the sunshine on my face. It was such a peaceful moment. Of course, after some time, my mind started producing ideas again and I was off to doing something again. The horses have to be fed, I have to prepare my next webinar, I have to do the book keeping (yikes!). 

I love to improve myself. I think life always moves on, like a river, and learning something, studying something…that’s what motivates me. However, I think it’s equally important to stop sometimes and enjoy what I have. I have reached quite a lot in the last 5 years when I think back! And even if I hadn’t, would it be less worth to live?

This morning, when I did a quick check on Facebook to see if there was anything important, and I saw at least 4 self-improvement ads, I just thought: What if I’m happy with where I’m at? What if I like to procrastinate sometimes? What if I’m ok to not reach the next goal, being happy right here, right now? What if I like to go slow, don’t need any more than I have, am satisfied with the goals I already reached?

Of course, there are lots of things to learn when we are around horses. But there is one important thing we can learn from them: Being satisfied, right here, right now. When your belly is full of hay, and you snooze in the sun with your friends, what more is there to reach? 

As the rain starts to tap on my window again, I’m glad I took a moment to pause and let the sunshine in. And I will try to be a bit more resistant to all the self-improvement and try to be more in the moment, and be satisfied with where I am at. Just like my horses.

3 Comments on “Can’t get no satisfaction?

  1. Thank you for this, Bettina. When I was studying to become a therapeutic riding instructor one of my mentors said, “Don’t ever underestimate the value of a pause.”….I remember that advice every time I work with my horses, a student, my life in general. The ‘pause’ is so important on so many levels!

  2. Hallo Betina.
    IMPORTANT thing,s you Are writing about. Because MOST of the World Are RUNNING ( after MONEY and power ) and new thing,s to by…. because they Think
    If I get THIS OR THAT, I Will be Happy and satisfied. BUT the problem is That these
    NEVER GET SATISFIED!!! Before they Hunt AFTER THE NEXT !!!
    THEY Have NEWER learned OR TAKEN the time To be satisfied With
    WHAT THEY HAVE !!!!!
    They ARE SATISFIED !! And We humans should also ACT SO !! What,s come
    Further is only “ a plus” or some EXTRA !! Think about to BE FREE FROM ILLNESS=
    IS A GREAT GIFT !! Sunshine =A GREAT GIFT !! A good ridingtrip =A GREAT GIFT !!
    Good friends= A GREAT GIFT .. a good cup og coffee = A great gift !!
    And so further !! But the ( most people) even Think about That or SHALL We say
    Think THAT WAY !! But they should,t do it, because When NOT they go to be
    Psycical ILL, because NOBODY Can live, as the MOST DO TODAY !!
    Therefor … TAKE YOUR TIME FOR THE REAL neccesary….
    Whispering TO YOU !!!!! THAT,s THE WAY TO BE SATISFIED !!
    And also learn TO LOVE YOURSELF !!! That,s allowed …. hahahaha …..

  3. A little more ..
    I have to say, That THE WORLD of today is CRAZY ( ok, the most of it)
    Because they VALUE IS WRONG !! WHY ? Simply, because ALL your MONEY
    CANNOT by What you want !! You Cannot bye to be loved, you Cannot bye “ to be
    Good enough, you Cannot bye succes and not to forget… you CANNOT take all your MONEY and power With you on the last trip…. !!!!! And all That tell,s you to be satisfied With the MONEY YOU NEED !!!!!! ( That,s enough)
    YOu also have to be satisfied With THE PERSON YOU ARE, right here !! And not
    Hunting, running for something That,s look,s or seems better !!
    LEARN TO LOVEand accept YOUR SELF …just as you Are !!
    And let ALL OTHER SHIT GO. GO. GO. GO. ….( just as the horses do) laughing

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