My Own Little Stable

As some of you might have noticed, we changed places yet again. This time I hope it’s going to be for longer, because I have rented a little stable myself. Together with my friend Anna, we were already on the lookout for a suitable place fore some time and we both really liked the stable we are renting now. Karolina and Weto came with us, too, so the “gang” is together again. The landlord and landlady are nice, sophisticated people, and I think we are really lucky to have found such a place in our area.

I could finally fulfil my dream of keeping the horses with as much freedom as possible. They are living outside 24/7 now and they have a large paddock, a forest, and pastures to roam about. They get very good quality hay as much as they want. Of course we still have lots of things to do, such as building an arena, but I could not imagine it to be any other way already. The only downside of this stable is that the area is very dry and we don’t have a lot growing on the fields, which means we already have to feed more hay that one usually has to do during summer, and that of course increases the costs. But at least we won’t have to deal with a lot of mud in winter.

For winter, I want to think of how to build a trail, so that they move a bit more, maybe with different grounds for the hooves. Their hooves already became so much better, as they don’t have to stand in their own pee and excretions anymore, and are constantly moving, night and day. I would also like to build one more shelter for them. So as you can see, I will not run out of projects for some time 😉

Speaking of projects: as soon as my arena is ready, I can accept week students to come with their own horses for lessons. I will also offer more courses and the possibility for people to come and learn with my horses. I just have a lot more possibilities now!

If you follow me for some time, you know that my horses’s wellbeing is one of my deepest concerns. Being able to make decisions about how they are kept and how much they can eat just freed up so much worry and tension that I had about that topic. I am so grateful to have this opportunity and I wish everyone the same experience.

I will keep you updated how it goes at our little piece of heaven 😉


6 Comments on “My Own Little Stable

  1. Love your blog. I am in rehab at the moment for 2yrs and the most important thing for my lovely little Icy is her safe environment and well being. I am very lucky that she is with my instructor living 24/7 for the past year. But now has to be moved on as it has not been an easy year for my instructor to whom I am so grateful. If it means I have to travel for over an hour than so be it as long as her well being is cared for her and then I will fit in. Peace of mind. Thank you for your lovely words.

  2. Love reading your comments about your horses and your training methods. I feel you are amazing and good things will definitely continue to come your way. Enjoy your new space and fingers crossed that your dreams and projects come true.

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