Must Be Love

My horse Nazir has a girl friend. Ever since Walia, a beautiful brown mare, has joined the group of horses in the paddock paradise in May, she and Nazir are inseparable.

Grazing closely to each other

They do everything together: grazing very close to each other, exploring the forest, drinking, rolling, taking a nap. When I take Nazir out of the paddock to work with him, Walia often waits by the gate until I bring him back. It must be love ❤

Grazing Grooming

Both horses look so much alike that from a distance, you sometimes can’t tell who is who. When they graze, they often move in a totally synchronised way and look like one horse if you see them from the right angle.

Going somewhere together Checking out the tractor

Walia is a very confident mare and seems to feel very protective of Nazir. Whenever he has a dispute with another horse, Walia comes running and puts herself in front of Nazir. She is also shoving him around quite a bit, sometimes, and you can clearly see who is the boss in this relationship. What to say, he seems to like it.

Walia and Nazir

Here is a kind of zen video I took of the two love birds:

Friendships are very important to horses. With our modern lifestyle we often make it difficult for them to have true friends and we separate good friends when we move our horse to a different stable. Moreover, if a group of horses is too small, a horse might not find a close friend at all. So I’m really happy that Nazir and Walia have each other 🙂

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