Very Necessary Update ;)

So much has happened since the beginning of the year.

  • I spent the month of February being a working student for Marius Schneider
  • Since I came back I have started to train Weto on a daily basis (the horse of Karolina, also known as best friend in the world). He is developing beautifully, both in body and spirit.
  • I started my relationship with Nazir all over again. Something was off, so I stopped whatever I was doing and went back to bonding time. He wasn’t ok with a few things and I had just ignored it, until he made me listen. Sometimes a horse has to escalate its behaviour so that we take the tomatoes off our eyes (as we say in German…)
  • I have organised three clinics in the academic art of riding at Stajnia Olender, where Nazir and Weto live. Two with Stephanie Birkeland from Norway and the last one with Marius Schneider. The academic art of riding is coming to Poland!!! Something that I have wished for since I first read Bent Branderup’s book. I hope that many got inspired!


  • I started reading the old masters, Xenophon, Pluvinel, Newcastle, de la Gueriniere, Baucher, Steinbrecht. So worth it! I suspect that it will be a long time until I can understand them fully, and maybe I never will, but I already found some good advise and great ideas there. For example, I have started some exercise routines as de la Gueriniere recommends them, which has helped me and Weto a lot.
  • I participated in two courses with Bent Branderup as a listener, one close to Dresden and one at Marius’ stable. Each time I was amazed by the level of riding and communication and I made a ton of notes.
  • I started giving lessons myself. Yay! I feel that the academic combines several of my passions. My love of horses, teaching, books, studying, nature. And I have met many great people along the way, some truly inspirational.

Will tell you more in the next posts!


One Comment on “Very Necessary Update ;)

  1. Back at ya best friend in the world. Love you. 🙂 ❤

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