Magic Moment in the Sun

Today, for the first time, Nazir let me sit beside him while he was lying down. So amazing!
I should mention that I never see him lie on the paddock or in his box, and he never rolls when I’m standing close by. Which makes today even more special…
After taking a little walk, I brought him back to the paddock and sat down on the warm sand. The sun was nice and warm and I played a little with the dirt. Nazir came up to me, sniffed at the freshly turned-over sand, and showed signs of wanting to roll. I thought, wow, that would be a first! He actually got down and enjoyed his sand bath, just next to me! Just as he wanted to get up I approached him and offered him some carrot pieces that I had in my pockets. We sat like this for a while, me feeding him piece after piece, he munching and clearly having fun.
When the carrots where empty he still stayed with me, licking my hand with closed eyes. I slowly got up to give him some space, he rolled a bit more and then came up to me, stood very closely beside me and snoozed in the sun. Soooo cute. Of course there was nobody to take a photo and my phone was is the car. That’s so me. So the photo shows Nazir a few minutes after all this

I’ve heard from others that it’s really something special to sit like this with your horse, now I know why 🙂

6 Comments on “Magic Moment in the Sun

  1. It’s amazing how warm sunshine mellows a horse. They just want to snooze and let all that nice heat soak in. It’s warming up this week here in Michigan and the horses are doing the dozing routine here too.

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