Girl’s Sunday at the Stable, Part 2

It’s a girl’s Sunday at the stable again!

I love that me and Karolina seem to have a habit of driving out to the stable at the weekends. I wanted to post these photos already for three weeks, but you know how it is. With the gorgeous weather, we enjoyed riding outside. Theoretically, it could start snowing any moment now. My horse Nazir is recovering from surgery and I still can’t ride him (feels like forever now!). We had fun anyway, and Karolina’s horse Weto is such a gorgeous creature. I’m really really happy that I’m allowed to ride him 🙂

Karolina & Weto
I really like this picture 🙂
Walk/trot transitions. Look how well they are doing!
You can see how much these two like each other 🙂
Working on shoulder-in.
Working on shoulder-in.
Stretching forward down.
We love love love this saddle pad 🙂
My Nazir ❤

It’s so much more fun to do things together 🙂

We’ll be back with another girl’s Sunday soon!



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