Dressage Should Bring Out the Best in Us

In the Field

It is said that dressage is for the horse, not the horse for dressage. What’s more, dressage is just as much for us! It should bring out the best in both our horses and ourselves.

Nazir has really changed a lot since I said goodbye to modern sports riding and try to educate him and myself in the classic art of riding. Not only did the work change his body, it also changed his mind. He is so much more trusting, patient, proud, energetic. I looked at him in the field today and felt really proud of what we have achieved together (although the way in front of us is surely so much longer than the way behind us). Then I remembered my own attitude and skills before I started working with Nazir. I could as well be proud of myself. The art of riding develops our patience (oh yes!), kindness, knowledge, precision, body language and awareness, courage, and I’m sure you would have to add some more points to this list. Next time you are proud of your horse’s development, remember that your own effort had just as much a part in it than his.

“My horse is my mirror that shows my good and my bad mood unmodified,” writes Bent Branderup in “Academic Art of Riding”. When I’m going to the car park and Nazir still stands at the gate and watches me leave, I know I did something right today. If not, I promise to do better next time.

5 Comments on “Dressage Should Bring Out the Best in Us

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  2. I agree completely. Dressage is first and foremost for us! I learned so much more about horse in the 3 years I did dressage than in the 20 that I jumped. My relationship with my horse deepened to levels I had not known before, and I think this was the time that I started to look inside of me and improving myself, like I would do later with meditation. Congratulations on your blog! Love your writing!

    • Thanks so much for your interest in my blog! Very glad you like it. It’s great to find people that think alike, makes me feel more connected. Here is Warsaw I don’t have many people to talk about my horse stuff, that’s why I started this blog. I’m really grateful for the exchange 🙂

  3. I really enjoyed the history you provided. Here in the U.S. it is hard to get changes made in judging and training that will support classic dressage. I am a physical therapist and my life has been devoted to correct bio mechanics and beautiful movement at whatever level is possible for the individual. If humans do not choose it for themselves, they will not know the importance of it for their horse. Therefore I treat riders as well as horses, and I focus on education. Your blog is very helpful and I will recommend it.

    • Wow, thank you so much! It’s a pity I live so far away, it sounds great what you do! You’re absolutely right, we have to work on our own body, too. I only do a little yoga apart from riding, but it’s already helping me a lot to be more balanced in the saddle. Such a great art, riding, one has so much to learn!

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