Fun Sunday: Connoisseur and Tug of War

After a week of concentrated work, me and Karolina just had some fun with the horses today. We’ve decided to pick one day a week on which we teach them some more tricks. The horses are totally into it and we always have a blast, too. Why alway be so serious 😉


We found out where Weto likes to be scratched. Just look at his face:


Weto was uber-motivated to work on his Spanish walk, he just couldn’t get enough.

Nazir likes to play a bit more roughly, he loves throwing things around, turning everything upside down, and he chews on everything (if you let him). Such a mouthy horse. Our new thing is playing tug of war with the lead rope:


Nazir is quite strong and he usually wins 🙂 Please tell me about the games you play with your horses!


I also have great news and promise to write about it next days (if you haven’t seen it on my FB yet) 🙂

Some great times ahead!


Fun greetings from Warsaw!


2 Comments on “Fun Sunday: Connoisseur and Tug of War

  1. My horse loves when I run with him. I can´t keep up for very long but he usually stops and comes back to me after a while to make sure I´m OK =) He also likes to carry things in his mouth for me, my gloves are a favourite and then I get them back all slimy. He also likes a special game where I place things in a special spot in the stable, maybe a brush or a hat or something and he pushes it so it falls and then I pick it up so he can do it again, much like you would play with a baby =) I´m smiling right now, just thinking about it, he´s so funny. He made up the last game himself of course

  2. Reblogged this on Horse-Companion and commented:
    We do that with our horses too. I think it’s important to have fun with then… it helps build your connection as well. Lovely blog. Looking forward to reading more. Amanda

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